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VMware Certified Professional

Xbox 360 Repairs
Services now include repairing Xbox 360 machines affected by RROD or other faults

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Now servicing Apple Macintosh Systems


About Zeltech

Our mission is to continue providing customers with the best possible I.T solutions in Sydney by any benchmark: cheapest prices, most reliable components, friendly expert service, in-house expertise, comprehensive warranties and technical phone support. If we find anyone genuinely offering prices or services superior to ours, then we will match or exceed them as soon as we possibly can

We understand the importance of customer service. We offer customers professional advice, customised solutions to meet their individual requirements and excellent after sales support. 

We enjoy close working relationships with the manufacturers and suppliers of all leading brands in the industry. This ensures that we get timely information, good product/technical support and competitive pricing for all the latest products available in the IT industry.